Questions Answered

Where can I purchase Iwatani products?

Iwatani products can be found in hardware, camping, catering and restaurant equipment & supply stores. For more information on where to purchase Iwatani brand products, please contact an Iwatani sales representative in your region or contact Iwatani Corporation of America directly.

How long does a can of Iwatani butane fuel (BU-6) last?

The burning time (at max. position) depends on the appliance you use.

Item Model BTU/hr Burning Time*
Butane Stove 35FW 35FW 55min.
EPR-A EPR-A 65min.
VA-30 VA-30 70min.
Torch CB-TC-CJ2 CB-TC-CJ2 100min.**
CB-TJ-PRO2 CB-TJ-PRO2 100min.**
G-Station All Colors All Colors 65min.

*Approximate time when used continuously at maximum position at ambient temperature (68-77F/20-25℃)
**Burning times for Iwatani torches are for reference only and must not be used continuously for over 5 minutes

Can I use other brands of butane fuel with my Iwatani stove or torch?

All Iwatani butane products must be used with Iwatani brand fuel to ensure both maximum performance and consumer safety.

Can Iwatani butane canisters (BU-6) and gas matches (GM-5) be shipped via UPS ground?

UPS accepts hazardous materials on a contract basis only. Please ask your authorized Iwatani dealer what shipping methods are available to you.

What is the most powerful portable stove available on the market?

Our 35FW Cassette Feu® portable stove has an industry-leading 15,000 BTU output.

I live in the United States. Can I purchase Iwatani brand products featured on the European or Japanese website?

Unfortunately, Iwatani products sold overseas are exclusive to that country's market and cannot be imported at this time. We hope to bring you these items in the near future.

What approvals does Iwatani have on their appliances?

Iwatani butane stoves are approved by CSA for indoor use in commercial restaurants and outdoor use. Iwatani butane fuel is UL Listed and conforms to DOT 2P packaging. Iwatani induction units are ETL listed for Commercial Use and NSF Certified.

How should I dispose of the empty butane canister?

The butane canisters are compressed flammable gas and should be considered hazardous products even when empty. Your local waste authority can advise you of how to dispose of the empty 8oz canister according to local regulations.

Where are Iwatani products made in?

Item Model Made In
Butane Stove 35FW Japan
EPR-A Japan
VA-30 Japan
ZA-3HP China
Torch CB-TC-CJ2 Japan
CB-TJ-PRO2 Japan
Butane Fuel BU-6 Korea
Gas Match GM-5 China
G-Station All Colors China
Induction Range All Models Taiwan